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BNB PARADISE is a Stable & Profitable Yield Staking Dapp with an Automated Reward Distribution!


๐Ÿ’ฒ 1% - 3% Daily


๐Ÿ’ท 365% - 1,095%


๐Ÿ’ฐ 1 Rank 15%
๐Ÿ’ฐ 2 Rank 2%
๐Ÿ’ฐ 3 Rank 1%
The Best Way To Earn BNB Is To Stake

๐Ÿค‘Stake & Earn
From 1% Upto 3%

Daily Passive Income
โฐFor 365 Days

Ensure You're Connected To BSC Network

Staking Pool: ? BNB

Wallet Balance: ? BNB

Your Earnings: ? BNB

(with. ? Ref Bonus)

Electric Flow

Your Angels:0

๐Ÿค‘Earn Unlimited Referral Rewards From 3 Prestigious Ranks Each Time Someone Uses Your Link To Stake BNB
1 Rank 15%
2 Rank 2%
3 Rank 1%
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Launching Soon!!!

To better understand and support Web3 solutions, our product is launching soon
Tokenizing these real-world tangible assets makes buying, storing, selling, and trading them more easier



Launching Soon!!!

We are BNB Paradise Charity, a non-profit organization dedicated to building a future where humanitarian services is used as a force for good.
We revolutionize global giving by making it more transparent to address challenges facing the social sector๐Ÿ’š๐Ÿ’š๐Ÿ’š๐Ÿ’š

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What is BNB Paradise? โœš

BNB Paradise is a decentralized staking application (dApp) that allows users to invest in a reward pool using BNB coin. The dApp has three main functions: Stake (Invest), Compound (Reinvest), and Withdraw (Cashout). Referral Link can be used to receive a 15% bonus on staked made by the people you refer directly, 2% in your 2nd Rank and 1% in your 3rd Ranks each time your referrals refer their own people. The base R.O.I is 1%-3% per day. The more BNB coins you invest, the more Angels you will have.

What Does Angels Do In BNB Paradise? โœš

Angels are the staking power that yields daily passive income for you. Once you stake your BNB, you purchase Angels to do the work for you. The more BNB you stake, the more Angels you will get.

How Much Does 1 Angel Cost? โœš

There's no fix rate. according to the current staking efficiency rate. The Angels efficiency rate rises and falls as you and other users Stake, compound earnings and Withdraw BNB.

Can I Sell My Angels? โœš

No. Angels are not coins and that means it can not be sold. Angels gives you the ability to earn passive income from BNB Paradise.

Must I Always Be Online Before I Earn From BNB Paradise? โœš

It is not necessary at all, nor recommended, once you have invested, don't need to be online or keep your computer on to earn. The Staking Pool will be generating passive income for you whether you are connected to the site or not. Be green, save on electricity and turn off your computer or device when you are not using it.

How Much Will I Earn Daily? โœš

BNB Paradise pays aprox. 1% - 3% daily, according to the current staking efficiency rate. The staking efficiency rate rises and falls as you and other users stake to buy Angels, compound earnings and Withdrawing your earnings.

How Risky Is BNB Paradise? โœš

Understand this, every business on this planet involve some level of risk. No Risk, No Rewards. While it is true that BNB Paradise is one of the most transparent and prestigious protocols in the space, this protocol should still be considered high-risk high-rewards for all users! We consider the protocol to be of 'low-risk' in a 'high-risk' environment (De-Fi). That being said, if the staking pool balances deplete, your initial is still at risk on like any other business.
Our algorithm allows every user to profit handsomely, no mater their strategy but it will not allow any single user to have an unfair advantage over other users. While BNB Paradise algorithm makes sure that all users receive their fair share of rewards, it also favors its most supportive users through its compounding and referral option.

What Is The Recommended Strategy? โœš

After staking your BNB, compounding your rewards will greatly increase your ROI potential. Think of this as compound interest on your investment and a way to help sustain the Staking Pool long-term.

When you are ready to take profits, claim your rewards.
Keep in mind that the 3% is not completely constant, it will vary slightly based on a combination of factors, including your personal Staking, Withdrawing, compounding habits and the habits of the community as a whole. Your personal habits hold much more weight in regards to your overal personal returns. Also remember, just as that number can decrease it also increases based on a combination of those same habits.

The best strategy that the team can recommend is to compound for 6 days and withdraw 1 day a week. This will increase the users investment at the same time increasing the daily yield earnings. This strategy has already been tried and tested by several projects and is proven effective both for the short and long term.

What makes BNB Paradise live longer than other Staking platforms? โœš

BNB Paradise is the latest Staking protocol in the industry and we learned from all the best practices out there. Even more, we have added our own enhanced anti-dumping and anti-whale measures in place to ensure the longevity of the project. These measures include: new deposits incentives, compounding incentives, daily biggest depositor prize, anti whale tax, early withdrawal tax, incremental compound & withdrawal tax, etc.

Can I Withdraw My Capital? โœš

Once you have staked, your initial capital can not be withdrawn. You can only withdraw your daily R.O.I (Return On Investment)

How Long Will I Be Earning? โœš

Every staking amounts to 365 days. You will earn an Annual Percentage Rate (APR) of upto 1,095%.

How Do I Create a Trust Wallet To Get Started? โœš

BNB Paradise is a 100% fully decentralized Staking Protocol. For you to be able to stake and start earning, you need to create a crypto wallet. Click this link to follow the steps CLICK HERE

How Do I Buy BNB To Stake? โœš

The best practices to buy BNB is to contact the person who introduced you into BNB Paradise. But if you wish to buy BNB yourself, Kindly Click on this Link to create an account with Binance exchange that will allow you to buy BNB Click this link to follow the steps CLICK HERE
After Creating a Binance account, click here to follow the process on how to buy BNB CLICK HERE

How to Transfer Crypto From Binance to Trust Wallet? โœš

Click here to follow the procedures on how to transfer BNB from Binance Exchange to your Trust Wallet CLICK HERE

How To Stake/Invest IN BNB Paradise? โœš

Get back to the person who introduced you to BNB Paradise to request for a registration link. Once you have gotten the link:
1. Copy registration link from your upline
2. Go to your trust wallet
3. Click on Dapp/Browser
4. Paste the registration Link on your dapp browser and load it to open
5. Change network to smart chain and connect wallet
6. Type in the amount of BNB you want to stake
7. Click on โ€Stakeโ€ & Approve/Confirm Transaction.
That's all. Congratulations. The gateway to endless rewards is here.

How To Withdraw/Cashout From BNB Paradise? โœš

Once your wallet is connected to the protocol, all you need to do is to click on withdraw then approve/confirm the withdrawal.

Does BNB Paradise Team Control The Staking Pool or the Smart Contract? โœš

No. BNB Paradise protocol was designed to be 100% fully decentralized. This means the BNB Paradise team has no control over investors funds or Smart Contract Staking Pool. There is no backdoor or any vulnerability to rugpull or drain BNB Paradise Staking Pool. Your Funds Are Safe (SAFU). Users control the health and liquidity of the Smart Contract.

How Is BNB Paradise Sustainable? โœš

The vision for BNB Paradise is to achieve sustainability if enough volume enters and bigger than volume exits the protocol. Please have a good strategy and be aware of the risk rewards ratio when entering the protocol. Only stake the amount you are comfortable with.

Is BNB Paradise Verified On Web3.0? โœš

The smart contract code is an open source and visible on Binance Smart Chain Blockchain Explorer (BSCScan). The Staking contract is transparent, democratic, efficient, rug free and immutable, meaning there are no functions that the dev can use to drain or change the contract operations. The probability of BNB Paradise staking contract getting empty is highly unlikely due to our 3% maximum daily R.O.I and considering that many users are compounding their daily returns for larger future profits.

Do I Earn Referral Commission? โœš

Yes. ๐Ÿค‘Earn Unlimited Referral Rewards From 3 Prestigious Ranks Each Time Someone Uses Your Link To Stake BNB
1 Rank 15%
2 Rank 2%
3 Rank 1%
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What Is BNB Paradise?

This is a decentralized, secured, stable & profitable yield staking/investment dapp with an Automated Reward distribution. ๐Ÿ’ฐThe base ROI is 1%-3% per day for 365 days. The more BNB you invest, the more earnings you get. Instant withdrawal


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